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The Fastest Growing Real-Time Professional FX Newsfeed

for FX Brokers and Financial Institutions Worldwide

FxWire Pro™ is the most ambitious project in the Forex arena, developed
and perfected for 2 years based on feedback from professional and
retail traders alike. The professional wire service provides handpicked,
short, crisp and trader-friendly news and other vital information
to traders nearly 24 hours a day covering the Asian, European and
the American market window. FxWire Pro™ is single-mindedly
devoted to informing global traders and investors about news and
information that affects the currency markets in real time, which
until now was only made accessible to institutional traders.

FX Traders make money by taking
advantage of the price movements of
currency pairs.
These price movements are affected by:
  • • Important Economic indicator releases
  • • Policy related talk from central bankers
  • • Geo political events
  • • Credit Rating Agencies' downgrades / upgrades, movements in CDS markets.
  • • Constant reporting of shifting correlations between FX and other markets.

FxWire Pro™ brings all this information, and much more,
streaming to the end user 24 hours a day, all in one place, so that FX traders
and investors can take advantage of early moving trends and monetize them.

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